DL1 + Datalooper Pedal


The Ultimate Looping Combination

Designed in tandem, DataLooper is the perfect controller for DL-1. Our intelligent auto-detection means that your DataLooper configuration will just sync to the DL-1 plugin with zero headaches or mapping. It's as simple as plugging in the DataLooper and opening up DL-1. After years of research and development, we're very confident that we've come up with the ultimate looper. The flexibility of software lets you loop unlimited instruments (including soft-synths), and set up your routing and FX however you'd like. You can also continue to use DataLooper for any other MIDI tasks you'd like, such as toggling guitar FX, triggering clips and much more.

The perfect pair!


Key Features

  • Intelligent auto-sync (Datalooper pedals auto-detected by DL-1)
  • Sync with your DAW tempo or re-define tempo on the fly
  • Robust, USA made all metal construction
  • Highly configurable, set up your looper however you like
  • DL-1 works across all DAWs and is extremely cpu efficient

Installation/License Info

Feel free to try out DL-1 using the download links below. The plugin is fully functional, but until licensed, will emit intermittent noise.
Upon purchasing a license, you will receive an email with activation instructions. Each license can be used on 3 unique devices. The Datalooper install package contains everything you need to get started, including template files, config software and the Ableton Live remote script (used for deep Ableton integration).

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