We believe that music is largely shaped by the tools available to the musician, and we are striving to create intuitive software and hardware that empowers the modern musician to move away from the screen and back to their instruments. At the core of our projects is the belief that a well designed user interface and bomb-proof coding can eliminate un-necessary time spent tweaking parameters, and let musicians focus on their performance, community and expression.

Computers are amazing tools, but we can tend to get locked in a pattern where endless choice and technical complications detract, rather than aid with musical expression. Hence, at the core of our ethos is a dedication to simplicity and functionality.

Untethered Audio is the brainchild of Vince Cimo and Jatin Chowdhury. Vince is responsible for the UI/UX, whereas Jatin is the mastermind behind the DSP code doing the heavy lifting. We also work with a number of artists and beta testers to ensure that everything we create works for all users, in as many testable scenarios as possible. We’re a small shop, but we’re passionate about what we’re making and the community of artists who utilize our creations.

Thanks for checking out Untethered Audio!

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